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Language of Advertising in Bangladesh Language of Advertising in Bangladesh

By A Salman Al-Azami

ISBN: 0954446321
Price: £14.99

This latest publication from Open House Press provides a scholarly understanding of advertisement and its symbiotic relationship with language development and manipulations in Bangladesh. It is a revealing study of the strategies of persuasion advertisers in Bagladesh use and of the crucial underlying assumptions advertising makes. The book should act as an essential read for the students and researchers in South Asian languages, Cultural studies and Media.

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The Mersey Sound The Mersey Sound
Liverpool's Language, People and Places

Edited by Anthony Grant and Clive Grey

ISBN: 095444633X
Price: £14.99

This publication from Open House Press represents the first major book on Liverpool's English. It brings together a set of fascinating insights into the areas history, its place names and the contexts for the development of that well-known variety of English, Scouse.

The book is the first full length linguistic description of the history and development of Scouse. There are nine chapters charting the whole evolution of Liverpool's kind of English over the centuries up to the present-day and what is happening to it. The book is intended for anyone who wants to find out more about Scouse.

Contributors to the volume are all linguists based in or connected with the Liverpool region, and the chapters together represent the state of current scientific research into Merseyside's language.

The volume is aimed is aimed at local readers and scholars further afield who are interested in the general history and development of northern regional Englishes and Liverpool's special place in Britain's rapidly changing linguistic landscape.

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Cities in Transition Cities in Transition
Transforming the Global Built Environment

Edited by Tasleem Shakur

ISBN: 0954446313
Price: £14.99

This publication from Open House Press represents one of the first published books to focus on ‘North-South Built Environment’. With articles written by fifteen contributors from all over the world presenting a number of case studies of fast changing cosmopolitan cities from around the world this book will act as an interdisciplinary read for all those interested in architecture, the built environment and spatial planning. It is hoped that the book will stimulate debate on the development of global architecture, planning, and the built environment both of today and of the future.

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Picturing South Asian Culture in English Picturing South Asian Culture in English
Textual and Visual Representations

Edited by Tasleem Shakur and Karen D'Souza

ISBN: 0954446305
Price: £14.99

Covering a wide range of topics from 18th Century literature to Nek Chand's Chandigarh Rock Garden, South Asian cinema, computer games and The Simpsons, Picturing South Asian Culture in English appeals to both specialist and non-specialist readers. Whether you are captivated by Apu or fascinated by The Far Pavilions and Bhaji on the Beach or concerned about language use within South Asian communities in Britain or enthralled by Foote's satire in The Nabob, this volume provides a series of rewarding interlinked perspectives. In particular western approaches to South Asian culture are highlighted and discussed critically from a range of disciplines.

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